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The 11/11/2019 meeting

On the 11th of November 2019, in the Sala Polivalente dei Lombi in the Giglio Island, kindly provided by the Municipality of Giglio Isola, the first meeting was held with the citizens to present the actions envisaged by the Life Project 2018 “Less alien species in the Tuscan Archipelago: new actions to protect Giglio island habitats – LIFE LETSGO GIGLIO”.

The Municipality, farmers, a teacher and a park guide were present for a total of about twenty people.

The project stems from the partnership between the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, the Department of Biology of the University of Florence and NEMO (Nature And Environment Management Operators), and will address various issues of nature conservation on the Giglio Island (Tuscan Archipelago), including conservation of species and habitats of European interest, management of alien plant and animal species, with particular reference to mouflons, rabbits and some plant species which are also non-native as well as measures for the care of pine forests. The project financed for approximately 1.2 million euros has a duration of approximately 4 and a half years between the preparation phase, the implementation phase and the monitoring of the results.